Aviva and Life Moments pilot My Climate Ready Plan

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Life Moments is very pleased to have collaborated with Aviva to produce a new consumer-facing sustainability pilot, My Climate Ready Plan, developed with WWF.

My Climate Ready Plan lets you discover how sustainable your lifestyle is today, and creates a personalised action plan to help you boost your climate readiness.

Our Business Development Director and Sustainability Lead Sarah Mitchell says:

“The creation of the My Climate Ready Plan tool is a great achievement to celebrate. It was an absolute joy to bring something to life that combined the climate knowledge and expertise of WWF with Aviva’s ambition to drive education and action amongst their customers. Individual action can often be dismissed as a drop in the ocean, but power can come through collective action. Aviva are working to bring this conversation to a wider group of people, and along with their wider climate ambitions are demonstrating the leadership role that we need big business to be taking to help tackle the climate emergency.”